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ELEVTD Ruby Belgium Chocolate INDICA | CHILL (320mg THC)

$35.00 - $40.00


ELEVTD Ruby Belgium Chocolate & Indica Chill 320mg THC is made of 100g of the most delectable ruby cocoa beans from a Callebaut, Belgian Chocolatier. The ELEVTD Chocolate is lab tested for proper and precise 20mg dosing of infused, full spectrum indica THC distillate in each square (16 squares total). It is best enjoyed after a long day at work, or as you prepare for bed, it's the perfect companion to any wind-down and/or recovery sesh. Morsels of pure enjoyment and relaxation, promising moments of bliss for mood and mind. Each bar contains 320mg THC = 16 squares per bar with 20mg of THC each.