Kush Mints AAA+ | Chilled Happiness Hybrid

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Hybrid Strain / THC: 22% – 24%

Kush Mints is a true hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) yet the effects of Kush Mints seem to lean towards the indica side of the mix. Relaxing is the first and most noticeable effect with this strain. It will have you putting your feet up on the coffee table in no time so have snacks readily at hand as the munchies is the 2nd most notable benefit. Careful to note toke too hard, or you will find yourself in a beautiful state of dreamland. You can expect to start with a warm tingling of your spine, filling you with a sense of deep penetrating ebbs and flows of relaxation. This persists as it travels into your limbs until you are totally calm in both mind and body. Being the well-balanced hybrid that it is however, when smoking Kush Mint, you may not feel super stoned, while you embark on a very chill journey of happiness from head to toe. It should be mentioned due to the pure relaxation state and munchy sensation, this strain perfect as a sweet treat in the evenings, as you wind down before bed.

Kush Mint is perfect for any fan of a super minty flavor! Thin Mints anyone? Kush Mint has a delicately intense minty taste with hints of fresh coffee and somehow incorporates notes of cookies as well. That heavenly Kush Mint aroma is obviously heavy in mint, with a hint of sweet woods and earthy rich coffee, all in all, making this strain a preferred dessert toke for many. Kush Mint nugs are oversized, fluffy, forest green nugs with rich amber undertones, and hairs to match, and is covered in a thin translucent layer of crystal trichomes.

Effects: Creative, Energetic, Focused, Giggly, Happy, Uplifting

May Help With: Appetite Loss, Chronic Pain, Depression, Nausea

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Effects and Use-Cases: The Kush Mint hybrid cannabis strain is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, depression, chronic fatigue and nausea or appetite loss. It relieves anxiety and depression with relative ease as well. If your tolerance is low or if you smoke a ton of this strain, you could find yourself falling fast asleep too.

Kush Mint averaging between 22%-24% THC content level is a potent cross of the classics Bubba Kush and Animal Mints strains.

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Kush Mints Hybrid Weed

Kush Mints AAA+ | Chilled Happiness Hybrid

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