LSD OG AAA | Happy & Lazy Hybrid

Sativa Dominant Strain

LSD OG is a true hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) however its effects are surprisingly indica dominant. The LSD OG is therefore not recommended for inexperienced users due to it’s high content. This indica style potency, with an exact ratio of sativa and indica is rare indeed and is hard to find in markets in North America as well, as it turns out. But it’s slowly becoming a BC favorite! So if it’s in stock, TRY IT! This strain produces whole-body relaxation, as your stress diminishes. The giggles and wave of creativity is not far behind as the cerebral effects heighten with a possible psychedelic effect as an added bonus (hence its namesake, LSD)! Although it’s a 50/50 hybrid, this marijuana strain is highly recommended as a well suited for night and evening time recreational and medical use. May trigger laziness while your mood lifts to euphoria.

LSD OG This strain smells and tastes like lemons, with a hint of menthol flavor.

Effects: Creative, Focused, Giggly

May Help With: Chronic Pain, Depression, Stress Relief

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Effects and Use-Cases: LSD OG has been best studied in treatment for depression, chronic pain and to alleviate stress. Negative side effects are limited to dry mouth and eyes.

LSD OG was produced in the Kester Medical Center labs in Van Nuys, CA, having an average 24% THC content level. It is a cross between Barneys Farm and Gasoline strain. Although it has been used for treating those with medical ailments due to the THC content and associated effects, the CBD levels haven’t been studied enough to entirely say its high enough in content to be recommended as front-line treatment for seizures.

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LSD OG Hybrid Weed

LSD OG AAA | Happy & Lazy Hybrid

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