Blue Meanies - Dry Mushrooms

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Blue Meanies Mushrooms are described by many as one of the world’s most potent cubensis magic mushroom strains, containing double to triple the “normal” amount of Psilocybin in comparison. It receives its “blue” nickname from the bluish color along the stem caused by bruising that occurs when handled due to psilocin oxidizing (basically being exposed to oxygen). The bluer it is, gives evidence to more psilocybin content, therefore a more intense trip. Even the most seasoned mushroom connoisseur will feel the powerfully potent effects of visuals along with a robust bodily tingle and an intensely happy euphoria explosion within 30 minutes.

Uses: Addiction, Anxiety, Clinical Depression, Mood Enhancement, Boost Creativity, Alter Reality, Mental Health, Weight Loss, Focus

$10.00 - $900.00


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Origin: “Magic Mushrooms” have been around since the beginning of time and can even be found in ancient glyphs. It’s said that the Blue Meanie strain was initially discovered in the warm, tropical climate of Southeastern Australia. It’s also a well-known strain in Bali where its uses became widespread and gained popularity over the past few decades, despite strict policies in Bali and Southeast Asia regarding mushrooms, usage and distributions.

Consumers of the Blue Meanies will experience, or better yet, enjoy a very intense euphoria, happiness, uncontrollable laughter, uplifting energetic feelings, visual and body stimulation as well as a deep introspective thought process. The taste is less offensive than most as well, so it is a shroom favourite by most. It is one of 180 strains that contain the psychoactive compounds of psilocybin and psilocin.

People take magic mushrooms for a variety of reasons – mental health support, mood enhancement, to boost creativity and to alter reality. Research shows a definitive link between the consumption of magic mushrooms and positive effects on mental health, among other attributes. Microdosing shrooms for example, is becoming an accepted treatment for mental health conditions including addiction, anxiety and clinical depression. No matter what your reason, we’ve got something for everyone in our growing selection of psilocybin shroom strains here at BC Kronikk.

Please note that indoor cultivation tends to increase the concentration levels of mushrooms. Potency can vary greatly from one batch to another and from one part (caps, stems, etc..) to another. Because of these natural and unpredictable variations, it’s highly recommended to mix, chop or grind up your mushrooms together for a more homogenizing effect and to reduce unwanted (weak) or unexpectedly strong doses of psilocybin.

Active Ingredient: Psilocybin, Psilocin

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Blue Meanies Magic Mushrooms

Blue Meanies – Dry Mushrooms

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