Burmese - Dry Mushrooms

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Burmese Mushrooms also known as “Burma Shrooms” are most notorious for their extremely high potency. Being one of the strongest mushrooms out there, it is ideal for experienced psychonauts searching for that special shroom that will take them to the next level. It’s a fast cultivated species of Psilocybe Cubensis and the high comes on just a fast as it grows. Expect a strong, and long lasting high but with decreased levels of deep insight. In about 10-30 minutes, you’ll feel your mood uplift with excitement and euphoria.

Uses: Addiction, Anxiety, Clinical Depression, Mood Enhancement, Alter Reality, Mental Health, Focus

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Origin: “Magic Mushrooms” have been around since the beginning of time and can even be found in ancient glyphs. The Burmese is one of many strains first discovered by John W. Allen, an amateur ethnomycologist who’s been around the globe on his search. It’s said that one of his students in Burma gave him this strain, hence the name. It is one of 180 strains that contain the psychoactive compounds of psilocybin and psilocin.

People take magic mushrooms for a variety of reasons – mental health support, mood enhancement, to boost creativity and to alter reality. Research shows a definitive link between the consumption of magic mushrooms and positive effects on mental health, among other attributes. Microdosing shrooms for example, is becoming an accepted treatment for mental health conditions including addiction, anxiety and clinical depression. No matter what your reason, we’ve got something for everyone in our growing selection of psilocybin shroom strains here at BC Kronikk.

Please note that indoor cultivation tends to increase the concentration levels of mushrooms. Potency can vary greatly from one batch to another and from one part (caps, stems, etc..) to another. Because of these natural and unpredictable variations, it’s highly recommended to mix, chop or grind up your mushrooms together for a more homogenizing effect and to reduce unwanted (weak) or unexpectedly strong doses of psilocybin.

Active Ingredient: Psilocybin, Psilocin

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Burmese Magic Mushrooms

Burmese – Dry Mushrooms

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