Penis Envy - Dry Mushrooms

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Penis Envy Mushrooms gets its name from, well… I’ll leave that to your imagination boys. But in all seriousness, there is an obvious resemblance to the anatomical organ. Characteristics unique to the Penis Envy strains start with a much more girthy, dense and pale stem with an underdeveloped cap, and a much higher potency, unlike other P. cubensis strains. Penis Envy will raise your feelings of intense euphoria and deep philosophical ideations, so get your head out of the gutter and try it today!

Uses: Addiction, Anxiety, Clinical Depression, Mood Enhancement, Alter Reality, Mental Health, Focus

$10.00 - $900.00


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Origin: “Magic Mushrooms” have been around since the beginning of time and can even be found in ancient glyphs. The Penis Envy or PE, has a history that is quite interesting with many variations created since it’s origin. It allegedly was isolated from another famous strain, Amazonian P. cubensis, by an ethnobotanist and psychonaut, Terence McKenna. But others believe a famous mycologist by the name of Steven Pollock created it from the same Amazonian strain. Mysteries make this strain even more fun to discuss in conversations, but either way, everyone can agree that the potency is HIGH and popularity EXTREME. Many variations have been created since, all with that similar girthy resemblance and high potency, such as Albino Penis Envy, Uncut Penis Envy, etc… Speculations say this strain might be one of the most potent strains on the market today, allegedly.

It’s one of the more widely studied strains across the globe.

Some anecdotal reports suggest this strain’s power of potency might even be up there in comparison to considerably “stronger” psychedelics like DMT and/or LSD. It is one of 180 strains that contain the psychoactive compounds of psilocybin and psilocin.

People take magic mushrooms for a variety of reasons – mental health support, mood enhancement, to boost creativity and to alter reality. Research shows a definitive link between the consumption of magic mushrooms and positive effects on mental health, among other attributes. Microdosing shrooms for example, is becoming an accepted treatment for mental health conditions including addiction, anxiety and clinical depression. No matter what your reason, we’ve got something for everyone in our growing selection of psilocybin shroom strains here at BC Kronikk.

Please note that indoor cultivation tends to increase the concentration levels of mushrooms. Potency can vary greatly from one batch to another and from one part (caps, stems, etc..) to another. Because of these natural and unpredictable variations, it’s highly recommended to mix, chop or grind up your mushrooms together for a more homogenizing effect and to reduce unwanted (weak) or unexpectedly strong doses of psilocybin.

Active Ingredient: Psilocybin, Psilocin

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Penis Envy – Dry Mushrooms

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