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Baxter – Premium All-Flower Blunts – Hybrid (1/8 Oz Total)

$50.00 - $55.00


Baxter's Premium All-Flower Blunts - Hybrid (1/8 Oz Total) use only the finest quality Hybrid strain cannabis on the market, grown right here in B.C., Canada, for their hand-crafted blunts. Imagine grabbing your favorite, personally selected, hybrid flowers with the best AAA & AAAA quality from your preferred cultivating farm? That's what Baxter has done, with your enjoyment and satisfaction in mind. Baxter Blunt Cones are nicotine and tobacco-free. Hand-rolled in Brazil they use only the finest of ingredients including matte tea leaves with natural Cacao and Chamomile flavor. You will recognize the quality and workmanship in their products once you try it.