Elev8 Disposable Vape Pen 1g


Elev8 Disposable Vape Pens have history on their side to help back up their notorious products. They were the first cannabis company to release a THC distillate vape pen for recreational use only! They must know what they are doing! The Elev8 vape pens are discrete in size and designed specifically for the thickness of their THC distillate, providing a richer experience in taste and potency. Available in a number of your favorite flavors!

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Being the 1st to have a recreational vape pen on the market, it makes perfect sense that Elev8 leads the industry in selection, quality and performance still. Production is personally overseen by the owners who have a say in everything from the processing of raw material to their hand-crafted oil. This ensures a more consistent quality product every time!

While other pens on the market might seem watered down, filled with a form of distillate full of fillers, Elev8 is purely designed for THC distillate, giving you a more potent effect and better taste. Their hand-crafted oils are tested locally in cannabis labs to guarantee a product that will always contain at least 88%-96% Delta 9 THC? A.K.A. the good stuff! Oddly enough distillate is neither Indica or Sativa. The properties that make a strain indica/sativa are all removed in the distillation process, leaving nothing but Delta 9 THC.

With one of the largest table of flavor options available today, you can rest assured none of them will have fillers, cutters or carrier oils added. This is one of many reasons why Elev8 is ahead of the game! But don’t take our word for it! Pick your favorite flavor, buy a pen and check out <Elev8 for yourself today.

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Champagne, Cola, Fireball, French Vanilla, Grape, Maitai, Mint, Mojito, Red Bull, Rootbeer

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Elev8 Disposable Vape Pen 1g

Elev8 Disposable Vape Pen 1g

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