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PurePulls ultra-sexy, reusable sativa vape pen comes fully charged, with the battery, charger and a full tank (1g) of delicious Super Lemon Haze oil. PurePulls offers state of the art CO2 extraction equipment coupled with only the finest flowers. These gorgeous pens are very discrete, with almost no smell detected in the exhaled vape. And, with any oil concentrate, a little goes a long, long way. The casual user will find that a cartridge may last months: approximately 200 pulls.


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About Pure Pulls

PurePulls is leading the vape pen industry by nurturing partnerships with their dedicated growers for over a decade and offer consumers state-of-the-art Co2 extraction equipment in North America. Using the newest Co2 technology and processes, PurePulls extracts provide cannabis users with the ultimate experience without the need for additives or carriers, hence more PURE.

While being some of the best tasting pulls on the market, PurePulls also offers a very discreet experience. You’ll find these pens easy to carry, use and tuck away. And they won’t overheat like other pens out there, since they’ve been designed specifically for Co2 cannabis oils. Rest assured, every draw from beginning to end is consistent and of obviously, PURE.

Why CO2 Extraction?

  • CO2 is all natural and non-toxic. – The compound itself is something our bodies produce naturally as we exhale, as flowers breath it in. It’s a never ending, beautifully occurring cycle, in the air all around us on this planet.
  • CO2 is sustainable – CO2 is a completely natural compound that does not contribute to carbon emissions or cause unnecessary harm to the environment. The same cannot be said for other extraction solvents (such as butane or propane), which are sourced from petroleum.
  • CO2 is clean and pure – CO2 is the cleanest, purest and safest extraction method around. The last thing you want is some petroleum-based byproduct in your equipment or for that matter, in your body. Other methods leave residual solvents that could be potentially hazardous to your health. With CO2 extraction, that’s not an option.
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PurePulls – Sativa Pen – Super Lemon Haze


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