nektr Extracts Diamonds - WS Black Lime 1g


Indica Dominant Hybrid

For freshness, flavour, and an elevated psycho effect, try the Nektr Extracts Live Resin. It packs in a THC content of about 86%. The concentrates in Nektr Live Resin are Indica dominant from their strains and provide full relaxation, without any additives or artificial flavors. The living plant in essence has been unmolested, preserving the smell and taste, with a single pass extraction process, capturing the full spectrum of available biomolecules. Nothing else is needed, as the results and effects speak for themselves!

nektr Extracts provides clean, safe products while using only the finest buds. Simply put, they use THC/THCA crystalline that typically contains 99% purity. Known to be the purest form of THC/THCA on the market, nektr Extracts – WS Black Lime will most definitely elevate your experience.


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nektr Extracts Live Resin is very potent, making this WS Black Lime a very desirable concentrate for the experienced cannabis connoisseurs. Users find that a little goes a long way in getting wrecked. Euphoric and cerebral experiences have often been contributed to the Black Lime strand. One moment you’re floating in the air and the next you’re moving along the coastline in the back of a van with the wind blowing through your hair and caressing your skin. As the high starts receding, the relaxation slowly creeps upon you. Then the hunger kicks in. Therefore, we recommend having some snacks close by. Eventually, that relaxed state puts you right into a perfectly splendid, deep sleep.

Medical Effects

nektr Extracts Live Resin helps with stress, pain, nausea, and loss of appetite. The lofty THC levels help relieve the mind and body, loosen you up, and remove unnecessary stress. It also numbs pain and gets your body relaxed, allowing for a good night’s sleep.

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nektr Extracts Diamonds

nektr Extracts Diamonds – WS Black Lime 1g


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